Multichannel Orders and Inventory, Made Easy
All Channels2

Start by connecting all of your sales channels

Connecting new sales channels is easy. In minutes, all of your sales channels can be connected and managed from once central location.

Once all of your sales channels are connected, our web-based system will do the hard work of processing all of your orders, inventory changes, and tracking updates.

Inventory Sync2

Real-time Inventory Sync

When an order comes in from one of your connected sales channels, we will immediately push out an inventory update to all other sales channels where your product is listed. 

Having a real-time inventory sync helps to eliminate the risk of overselling and keeps your customers happy.

Multiple Accounts

Sync multiple selling accounts

Do you sell on 3 eBay stores, 2 Amazon accounts, and 2 Magento stores? No problem.

Easily connect all of your marketplace accounts and shopping carts. We’ll take care of keeping them all in sync.